While the home automation market continues to grow each year, current solutions only address customers who are building high‐end custom homes or doing major reconstruction on an existing home.

Retrotouch have a complete range of affordable touch and remote products, making safety, convenience, comfort and economy available to virtually any homeowner in the world.

Retrotouch products can be installed in any home within minutes, without the need for extensive building works or expensive electrical rewiring. Not only can homeowners easily customize their home to meet their unique lifestyles, but the pure nature of the products, enables customers to start small and add over time to meet their budgets or time schedules.

Retrotouch products are truly unique, with a touch glass panel and surround. Our light switches can be controlled if needed, by an optional master remote control, which gives the user the power to turn on/off any light switch in the home or set scenes (patterns of lights on/off).

No need for expensive controllers or senders. All our light switches have the technology built in to give the user, the functionality without the huge cost normally associated with such features.

Our range of products, can be used by anyone young or old, gadget minded or somebody with disabled needs. Retrotouch products gives the user the power to control their lighting the way they want, using the advanced features or just using the simple controls.

As the demand for home automation continues to grow, RetroTouch plans to stay at the forefront of the lighting automation and light switch industry by providing innovative products and solutions that deliver tomorrow lifestyle improvements today.

Through continuous research, functional developments, new materials and fresh ideas, the RetroTouch brand stands for quality ‐ high performance and durability in lighting solutions and home automation.