vira perfection journey

We set off on the perfection journey in order to achieve the beneficial, and to increase the competitive power of both our company and our country. EFQM Perfection Model was adopted as a management philosophy in our company at the beginning of the 2000s. In order for the TQM culture to be realized as a lifestyle, existing values were identified via a corporate culture questionnaire and the required systems were established by leaders to achieve the targeted values. In parallel with these activities, the concept of management through processes was adopted. Strong points and points open to improvement were identified through self evaluations made every year; and activity plans were developed for points open to improvement, thus ensuring continuous improvement in process performances. In order for the more effective management of the interaction between processes, databases were developed by benefiting from the advantages brought along by the developments in information technologies, and a high-speed and safe information flow was ensured. With an aim to obtain perfect results by realizing TQM activities more systematically in a participative environment, National Quality Movement good faith statement was signed for cooperation with KalDer, the only non-governmental organization which carries out activities to ensure extension of Total Quality Management throughout the country. Our company is the first in its sector to apply management systems quality through EFQM Perfection Model along with continuously maintained and improved product quality. VIRA was included in the Tüsiad-KalDer National Quality Award process in 2005, and crowned its success with the National Quality Achievement Award. We share our activities in the sectoral publications, thus contributing to the spread of such approaches. With its activities, VIRA sets an example to other companies.