Human Resources Policy

For the purpose of managing a corporate culture familiar with teamwork and open to change and innovation by way of rapidly providing labor force and organization at the expected quality in the Human Resources Systems, in line with our company's strategic plan and objectives and the growth of our sector:
  • We draw up a Human Resources Plan in line with the strategy and objectives, and we base ourselves on equal opportunity in the Recruitment and Placement process through the principle of "The Right Person for the Right Job" by using competency-based objective methods.
  • We implement effective Training and Development programs in order to improve and sustain the competency and creativity of our employees.
  • We measure the performance of our employees with objective methods, and support their development potential and contribution to department and company objectives, in order to ensure that they reveal their best performance.
  • By new working models and suitable work environments, we ensure that our employees use all their potentials in the most efficient way.
  • We orientate our employees to achievement, and we support and award their individual and team works in order to enhance their participatory attitude.
  • We reinforce internal communication through organizations and social and cultural activities which increase employee motivation and ensure integrity and interaction.
  • We also view the families of our employees, with whom we share common goals, as a part of our success.
  • We take the required precautions for working in a safe work environment by considering work health and safety laws and regulations.