Product FAQs

What size back box does the RTS range need?

Are the touch range all dimmers?

Can the Touch light switches be controlled remotely through walls and ceilings?

Can the RTS 2000 range be used 2 ways?

Will the remote control or light switch interfere with any appliances I have in my home?

Will my next door neighbour be able to turn on or off my lights remotely if using the same system?

My small remote is not working?

Can more than one mini remote be programmed to one light switch?

Does the Scene Remote Control work with all light switches?

What is the purpose of a master scene remote when I have a mini remote included?

Will I need more than 1 remote to control more than 1 dimmer switch?

Do I need to rewire my house to be able to use your light or sockets switches?

Will your double plug sockets fit my standard double box?